Getting Creative With Campbell’s Labels for Education #labels4edu #cbias

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Campbell's Labels for Education #Labels4Edu

Maybe you’ve heard of my school lunch saga. Here it is served up like Campbell’s Condensed Soup: I failed miserably at the end of the ’13-’14 campaign and have approached the dawn of a new school lunch day with a renewed purpose to pack healthy, diverse, and interesting foods for my daughters. What’s super rad is that I can do all of that AND raise money for their school with Campbell’s Labels for Education, and let’s be honest, public schools in this country need serious help in the bank account balance department! By simply picking up some Post cereal, Campbell’s soup, Dannon Yogurt, and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (and let’s be honest again here, you’re buying those fishies already!) and clipping the UPC codes from each package before you recycle or trash the empties, you too can easily help your school earn enough points to get new Arts, Athletic and Academic supplies like jump ropes, playground balls, answer buzzers (awesome!) and so much more. There isn’t an easier way to help your favorite school than by buying the yummy foods your kids already love. Oh! And I’ve also got a way you might win your kid’s school a cool grand in the Campbell’s Sweepstakes. More on that at the end of this story. Read on!

As the dude in charge of the daily grocery shopping (what, I like to feel as if I’m an urban European gentleman buying his food stuffs at the local market each and every morning,) I take a lot of things into consideration when picking out which products to buy and stock in the pantry — price, repetition (I hate to buy the same stuff all the time), and diversity (of color, texture, and flavor) chiefly among them. I like to think my family benefits from my due diligence to achieve variety without breaking the bank. Now, I also look for Labels for Education products so that my kids’ school can benefit too.

Goldfish in Tomato Soup_Campbell's Labels for Education #Labels4Edu

Just this morning I packed the girls Thermos’ with tomato soup and Goldfish crackers, a cherished combination, to take for lunch at school. But school isn’t the only time I need to pack goodies for my girls. We tend to travel a lot, it is one of our deepest passions, and we’ve got a string of vacations up coming. As anyone who has ventured out for a family road trip or spent any time at all in an airport knows, finding healthy, whole grain snacks for you and your kids can prove more difficult than driving two hours without someone in the backseat needing to go potty! That’s another thing that makes the Labels for Education program so sweet for parents on the go — between the Emerald trail mixes and nuts, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, V8 Juices, Alpha-Bits PBS Kids Super Why cereal (which, I just discovered this morning as I strolled around Target picking up a few things, has 1/3 less sugar than the honey nutty cereal we usually buy PLUS it features PBS Kids characters…and we obviously love PBS Kids since I write for them PLUS it’s a point for Label for Education! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!) — there are hundreds of nutritional choices that can be packed up for your next time in the car, on a train, or in the air.

Post Alpha-Bits Box Top PBS Kids_Campbell's Labels for Education #Labels4Edu

Check out all of the Labels for Education participating brands and products here, I bet there a lot of stuff already on your weekly (or daily, if you’re odd like me) shopping list. There’s probably a printable coupon or three available for some of those goodies too, so be sure to click on the Labels for Education coupons before heading out to Target or your local grocery store.

Labels for Education Goldfish on the Shelf in the aisle at Target

Share the Labels for Education love on Twitter and your fave social media sites with the hashtap #Labels4Edu, because the more parents clipping those Labels for Education UPCs, the more cool new stuff your kid’s school will be able to buy! A big thanks to #CollectiveBias for serving as a gateway for me to discover Alpha-Bits cereal and for allowing me to tell you about how you can quickly and painlessly help your child’s school through the Labels for Education program.

Ok, one more (Alpha) bit of awesomeness before you head out to the store: there’s a Labels for Education Sweepstakes happening right now that’ll end up giving 1000 different schools each a cool $1000. That’s a million dollars in total to schools, and that is amazing. Enter the Labels for Education Sweepstakes for your kiddo’s school now…and happy shopping!

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