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Starbucks And Their Gamechanging Free College Education Plan

In a groundbreaking new partnership with Arizona State University, Starbucks will soon begin to offer every single employee working at least 20 hours a week a free online college education. The Starbucks free college education benefit is available the moment an employee is hired and is designed to help their partners complete their degrees 100% free of charge, as well as assist in getting their workers started out in their college careers (partially paid for PLUS need-based financial aid). This remarkable plan is equal parts retention strategy to reduce the high cost of employee turnover, societal goodwill, and positively brilliant recruitment PR. I stand an applaud you, Starbucks, for making a progressive corporate decision that might just alter the business landscape, help reshape middle America, and stunt the rising cost of college in a broader sense. I’ll be writing more about Starbucks and their game changing free College Achievement Plan soon — keep your lattes warm and your eyes peeled.

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