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Sears is #DestinationDad this Father’s Day

I don’t have a gift yet. In fact, I was just reminded on Friday, by my mom, that Father’s Day was this coming Sunday. I’m not the brightest bulb.

Thankfully, Sears is literally right around the corner from where I sit as I type this right now, and the retail giant has so conveniently established itself as #DestinationDad for Father’s Day this year. What that means, exactly, is that Sears has got a bevy of sweet swag for papas, clevery labeled and easily accessible. You can be in and out of Sears in 5 minutes flat with gifts sure to please the dad dude in your life. Or yourself, I won’t judge.

Whether your daddy-o needs a new 46″ Samsung LED HDTV to watch the World Cup in style and with flair even a Brazilian would admire, or a new Kenmore grill to BBQ a rack of ribs or a veggie burger (if you, like me, have a young vegetarian in your midst), #DestinationDad has you covered.

Last week, I strolled around my local Sears in a faux ‘stache and my Lionel Messi Argentina #10 jersey t-shirt, taking selfies with some of the primo #DestinationDad goods this Father’s Day. Because my life is weird.

I’m talking some fine Craftsman tools I’m not technically allowed to use because I’d probably injury myself.

Sears #DestinationDad Tools on Jeff Bogle's Head

A 4-burner Kenmore grill that is nearly as big as my kitchen and certainly with more surface space.

Sears #DestinationDad Kenmore Grill

And a fly Outdoor Life shirt to take a hike with the kiddos during our upcoming Pacific NW adventure.

Sears #DestinationDad Outdoor Life Shirt Jeff Bogle OWTK

A hipster hat I’m fairly certain me and my big head cannot pull off.

Sears #DestinationDad Jeff Bogle Hat

And finally, the hyper crisp Samsung LED HDTV I got wide-eyed looking at, imagining how sweet the blue and white stripes of Messi’s Argentina winning the World Cup would look on it.

Sears #DestinationDad Jeff Bogle Moustache and Samsung 46 LED HDTV

Now through June 15, you and your kids can take a photo of dad’s moustache – or he can snap a moustache selfie himself – and share it for a chance to win the ultimate Father’s Day gift – a trip to the Craftsman MAKEcation where he’ll meet a celebrity and learn to make whiskey, roll cigars, grill steaks, and amass survival skills. I have to say that that trip sounds like a nightmare for me, a non-drinking, non-smoking celebrity-avoider who would inevitably hurt himself with any survival skills they’d teach me. I’ll take a steak though. Medium, please with a side of Bernaise. Thanks.

Runner up prizes include other great gifts including a Craftsman Quiet Lawnmower, Craftsman portable gas grill, and Craftsman MACH Series tools.

Got no ‘stache? Fear not, my fresh-faced friend, for you may get creative and draw one on, use a sticker or hold something to create your best (read: most ridiculous) moustache, and everyone who enters will receive $5 in Shop Your Way points to use on the perfect Father’s Day gift. Plus, Shop Your Way members can vote for their favorite moustache submission, which will enter them into a sweepstakes for 250,000 in points (a value of $250). Go, enter now and be merry.

Happy Father’s Day, y’all, whenever it is.

Disclosure: I partnered with Sears and Life of Dad, LLC for this Father’s Day promotion and was compensated for my involvement.

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