New from PBS Kids: Plum Landing

Lineup Plum

Plum Landing is an online environmental science project from PBS Kids that hopes to flick on several switches inside early elementary school age kids at the exact moment in life when their curiosity is peaking and their sense of wonder about the world and how it all works is at an all-time high.

Plum is a bright-eyed video game designer from Planet Blorb (which totally sounds like a distant place in the universe my 7-year-old would invent, as does Plum’s hilarious nonsyllabic real name) who wants badly to be one with nature. Our nature. Your kids will go on adventures with Plum and her Earthling pals as they discover the natural side of life on Earth — think Magic School Bus meets the part of Elmo’s World where he wants to know about something (only without the repetitive piano ditty).

KidsinBubble Plum

Plum Landing uses web videos, activities and apps to entertain and inform kids 6-9. Meet the characters on board Plum’s ship (Clementine is the leader in the clubhouse at OWTK HQ — that’s her on the left up there) and play some online games today.

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