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Get On Target for a FastTrack Organized Spring

Jeff Bogle Rubbermaid FastTrack

Here I am in Target picking up my Rubbermaid FastTrack 5 Pack System.

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #FastTrack

During the cold months, our backyard shed is a dumping station for must-keep-hidden Christmas gifts, tangled strings of multi-colored lights, a charcoal grill I perennially promise to use during all four seasons but then perennially wimp out of using at the first sign of my own breath, and whatever other junk we’ve accumulated in between the time the leaves fall and the actual perennials perennialate (made up word). Then, when the geese begin to squawk and fly and drop their strings of poo overhead and the bunnies emerge from wherever it is bunnies live, I venture out across the fallen branches smacked unmercifully to the Earth from another harsh winter and assess the damage I’ve caused to the inside of my once and future pristine shed. Oh crap. I did it again. The cycle repeats.

Spring 2014 Shed Reorganization BEFORE 2_Rubbermaid FastTrack

The right side of the shed after a harsh winter of dumping everything inside.

Spring 2014 Shed Reorganization BEFORE_Rubbermaid FastTrack

The left side of the shed after a harsh winter of dumping everything inside.

Spring is a time for abundant pollen optimism. We have belief in our hearts that the birds will find the backyard feeders and once again take up residence outside the picture frame window, allowing for a breakfast peep show as natural intended. And we have hope for some semblance of cleanliness of mind, body, air, lawn, and shed.

This spring, my shed got an organization hat tip from the Rubbermaid FastTrack Organizer I picked up from Target and now there is less lying about, meaning there’s more accessible square footage for bigger bikes for bigger-ing kids and gardening supplies for my green-thumbed wife. I always mise en place when cooking, and now with the help of the FastTrack 5 piece organizer set, I have things starting to get put in their right place in the backyard too.

Spring 2014 Shed Reorganization Clean and Ready_Rubbermaid FastTrack

Straightened up and ready for the Rubbermaid FastTrack System!

I’m usually not permitted to handle a drill. Like kissing each other goodnight, brushing teeth before school and immediately after eating anything involving maple syrup, and being careful not to scratch the vinyl when putting a record on the turntable, no drill usage for Jeffy is one of the house rules. Along with fresh baked cookies, the drill and its pretty little bits are kept a safe distance from me. It’s for the best, I’ll admit. My wife knows me well and takes charge of the home improvement manual labor beyond washing and rehanging curtains (hang damp! hang damp!) but last weekend, when she went out for potting soil and flowers I giddily grabbed the drill from the tippity-top shelf in the laundry room where, um, only I could reach it (she’d have been better served to stash it away very low to the ground, that’s kryptonite for us tall folk) and got to work. Happily, I still have all my fingers and I also have a sweet shed that will only get more organized as I expand with the easily expandable Rubbermaid FastTrack system. This thing was so easy to hang on the exposed studs in my shed, that I’m convinced ANYONE can do it, even a clumsy, thumbsy dunce like me.

The Rubbermaid FastTrack 5 piece Kit I bought from Target and used during my spring shed reorg is on sale for $28.89 (reg. $33.99) from May 18 – May 24 at your local Target store (in-store only). Go get one today and tidy up your garage/shed/mud room mess this week.

Spring 2014 Shed Reorganization AFTER_Rubbermaid FastTrack

The Rubbermaid FastTrack Organization System in Action Up Close!

Look how neat & tidy my shed now is!

Spring 2014 Shed Reorganization AFTER 2_Rubbermaid FastTrack

All neat and tidy, tidy and neat!

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