The Tickety Toc Christmas Present Time Special To Air This Month on Nick Jr

We love Tickety Toc and we love Christmas. So, SHAZAM! Tickety Toc Christmas special coming up next weekend and thus the DVR has been set. And OMG there’s gonna be a new holiday song! We’re in. Join us.

Read all about it, as they once said in the newspaper biz.

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Families from coast-to-coast can join their favorite comedic twin stars, Tommy and Tallulah, and all their adorable Tickety Town friends for non-stop seasonal fun in “Christmas Present Time,” a brand-new half-hour special, premiering Saturday, December 14, on Nick Jr. The holiday special will re-air on Tuesday, December 24, and Wednesday, December 25.

As Christmas Eve falls upon Tickety Town and all the townsfolk are busy putting their final preparations together for a Tickety Christmas, a sudden crash landing by Santa throws everything into turmoil. The reindeer have caught a chill, Santa’s sleigh is broken and all the presents are spread across Tickety Town. It’s up to Tommy and Tallulah to work together “quickity tickety” and come up with a plan to save Christmas before it’s too late! The festive, fun-filled special also features a Christmas song that will have the whole family singing along.

Hey, me again, speaking of Christmas and Christmas presents and the time needed to buy Christmas presents and…okay, no, I’m done. The Tickety Toc Clockhouse playset is plastic, yes, and the world doesn’t necessarily need more plastic toys but holy heck it’s a two-story cuteness pad for Tommy, Talulah and Pufferty! If your kiddo needs a new doll/play/fun house for their Tickety Toc toys and/or Polly Pockets, Squinkies, LEGO minifigs, etc. take a look at this beauty:

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