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7 Signs You’re a Minivan Owner

Whether you’ve got one or have a hankering for one, here are 7 easy ways to know if you’re minivan material.

1. You frequently call your daughter Sienna…and she answers to it.

2. You read Dan Gets A Minivan…and get all the references.

3. Your 2nd row kids insist on being called Captain…in and out of the van.

4. You’re cool with life outside of your minivan, but…you believe it’d be about 91% better with more cup holders.

5. You and your better half look forward to getting a sitter and going on a date night…to the driveway to binge watch season 2 of Game of Thrones on the widescreen DVD player in the back of your Toyota Sienna.

6. You’ve uttered the words ‘Swagger’ and ‘Wagon’… in succession.

7. You take lots of family road trips…and enjoy them.

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