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A gaggle of my dad blog pals are in the process of growing out their ‘staches for Movember. I am not. I never have, and I do sorta feel rotten about that. But I’m not going to let my lack of participation in the face fuzz fun stop me from doing my part to raise money and awareness of men’s health issues, namely prostate and testicular cancer.

I’ll keep my weird beard and instead, I’ll be #RunningforMo !

I began November with the goal of running at least 1 mile each day, with a grand goal of traveling > 50 miles for the whole of the month. Things are off to a good start, when you include (which I am for this purpose) the 2.6 mile walk my family made on Sunday: I’ve gone 8.5 miles in the first 4 days of Movember. Not too shabby, but that figure will grow rapidly once I start ripping off a steady diet of 3.1 mile runs!

[scenes from my Movember #RunningforMo runs thus far]

I will donate $2 to the Movember cause for every mile I run, jog, and walk this month. I’ll get healthier and do some good at the same time. Sound like a plan? The money will be donated in three increments, on the 10th, 20th and 30th, and be spread out amongst a number of the fellas who have fundraising campaigns attached to their Mo grow efforts. Guys like Whit Honea, Carter Gaddis, Mike Reynolds, Chris Bernholdt, Jim Higley, Brent Almond, Chris Routly, and others.


Maybe I’ll also award a It’s A ‘Stache Thing Flask from my personal collection to one of my currently-but-not-for-long hairless friends, too. Hmmm. Wanna help out and participate in my own cavalier #RunningforMo campaign? Might a snazzy It’s a Stache Thing item motivate you? A T-Shirt, Sticker, Car Magnet? Lemme know and I will consider awarding some prizes to those who run with me for Movember.

**** November 10, 2013 Update****

I ran & jogged & walked a total of 20 miles in the first 10 days of the month, finishing up with a PR 32:29 5K at 6am this morning. I have made my 1st round of donations to celebrate, a total of $40 was split evenly between the Movember pages of Carter Gaddis, Whit Honea, Jim Higley, and Chris Bernholdt. Yay! More miles ahead and more money to be given to support men’s health issues. You with me yet?

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