Holiday Gift Guide

The 2013 OWTK Holiday Gift Guide Strategy Announcement

I am compiling all of my Arts & Entertainment gift guide picks over on Cooper & Kid Catch, with part one live now and part two coming on Friday, December 6th. There, you’ll find the best books for kids, books for fellow parents, kindie CDs, video games and more.

As far as everything else — toys, games, etc — I am using Pinterest this year to present a daily dose of gift idea awesomness for your kids, parents, siblings, lover(s), whoever you have a strong inclination to buy for this holiday season. Follow OWTK on Pinterest to get those goodies.

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  1. The Film, Music, and Books category is a good resource to find books and movies that teachers want to share with their class or parents who are looking for new reading material for their kids. Even students can use this category to find new books to read and share with their friends! You can even create a reading list and set a challenge for your kids or students to read a book in two weeks, or better still, start a reading club with your Pinterest reading list.

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