Frozen Movie Trailer and Free Printable Activity Sheets

Sure, we saw the 1st preview for Disney’s new animated film Frozen, the one with the silly snowman, his detachable carrot nose, an icy pond, and a hungry moose. In watching it, we had no clue it was a princess tale. The 2nd trailer (below) makes it very clear that there’s soon to be a new princess in the magic kingdom portfolio. Normally, this would be groan worthy around here, but trailer number two also makes it pretty darn obvious that this princess isn’t messing around. She seems daring, confident, kinda bad ass, and quick-witted. But also feminine too. And she’s got serious sister issues to deal with. In short, Anna appears balanced and complicated. In other words, she resembles an actual person.

I think I like it. I don’t want to like it, but I think I do. Judge for yourself.

Check out some of the stunning still photos from Frozen:

And get your kids ready for Frozen’s November 27 release with these printable memory matching game pieces, mazes and other games. The Frozen merch parade is coming soon. Real soon. I saw the Anna doll last week at a toy event in New York City, and it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. This one’s gonna be a hit, kids.

Frozen Build Olaf the Snowman

Frozen Anna Elsa Maze

Frozen Sven Maze

Frozen Snowflake Maze


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