OWTK PHILLY LOCAL: ComedySportz Kids Returns To Make Philly A Funnier Place For Families

The last Saturday of every month used to be just the last Saturday of every month in Philly. Nothing special. Nothing unique. I mean, it wasn’t First Friday. Could never touch Second Tuesday. Not even in the conversation with 3rd Thursdays In Months Starting With M. Boy, those were epic.

But no more. The last Saturday of every month can and should officially be known as ComedySportz Day in the City of Brotherly Love (or City That Loves You Back…I really can’t keep up with Philly tourism bureau slogans anymore.) This hilarious day is filled with gut laughs and, if drinking something at the time, that gross stinging feeling of liquid coming out your nose when someone makes a funny just as you take a sip of your favorite carbonated beverage. Yeah, pretty awesome.

They took the summer off but the improv comedy masters at ComedySportz are back to their regularly scheduled family friendly shows this weekend, thus making Philly a funnier place for families. Listen, I get it, comedy for kids is dicey. Actually, to be perfectly honest, even that is generous — ’cause comedy for kids tends to be really, really, pathetically dreadful stuff. The antithesis of funny, really. But this is not that case at The Playground (2030 Sansom Street) on the last Saturday of every month (you will have this memorized by the time I am done with you!), where the talents of four deft local improv comics go to work with help from the audience (hey that’s you!) and a referee (get it, sports?) to put on a show that’s outrageously funny for kids of all ages and their comedy snob parents — #BillHicksForever.

Tickets are cheaper than a movie in the city, so go laugh it up with your tiny tots, toddlers, tweens, and anyone else who fancies things that don’t suck.

The next ComedySportz For Kids show is:
Saturday, September 28 @ 11 am.
The Playhouse, 2030 Sansom Street, Center City Philadelphia.

*OWTK was provided tickets to attend a show in the spring. The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased as always. It really was HILARIOUS!

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