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The Soundtrack To Your Back To School Season

Because everything needs a great soundtrack, I’ve compiled one for the 2013 Back to School Season. It’s up and running right now over on Red Tricycle as a slideshow with a few words about each of the 15 songs and a Spotify playlist so you can listen to the whole damn thing. Easy Peasy.

Put a pep in your family’s step as you fork over hundreds of dollars on glue sticks, 3-ring binders, backpacks, and uniforms (if applicable). And maybe soothe a few fears in the process.

Enjoy the music. As well as the waning days of summer together with your kids, for if you take too much joy in them going back to school you forfeit the right to bemoan their physical and mental absence from your life later on down the line. You’ve only got one chance to enjoy their childhood, don’t rush through it.

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