OWTK Summer Movie Monday

OWTK Summer Movie Mondays — Bryan Langdo & Chris Wiser

Welcome to the 2nd installment of OWTK Summer Move Monday. This week, we have another fine author & illustrator and a talented kindie musician sharing their fave movies and movie food!

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Bryan Langdo Author Photo

Bryan Langdo

Langdo is the author of the young reader eBook series, “Hippo and Gorilla,” and will have his newest picture book, While the Artist’s Away, about an illustration that comes to life, published in a few weeks.

WTAA cover

What is your all-time favorite film?

I could never pick just one favorite movie. One night recently, I was psyched to find “North by Northwest” on cable. I love Hitchcock’s efficiency. There isn’t one word or detail in that movie that doesn’t serve a specific purpose. And I’m always happy to watch a Batman movie, or most of them at least. Or “Pineapple Express.”

What food do you like best when watching a movie?

I’m a big proponent of sneaking food into the theater. I usually stick to Twizzlers, but in my younger, more gluttonous days, I would often arrive with a box of cookies, an Italian sub, or even sushi. At home, we’re very traditional. We make two big bowls of popcorn–one for me and my wife, and one for the kids. We usually have to vacuum when the movie’s over.

What all-ages/family movie coming out this summer are you most excited to see?

I hate to say this, but we rarely go to the movies. I did, however, learn that “Despicable Me 2” exists. We’ll definitely see that. The first one is a favorite in our house. Those wacky minions!

Chris Wiser of Sugar Free Allstars

Chris Wiser

Wiser is the vocalist and Hammond organ player in the OK City kindie funk duo Sugar Free Allstars. The band’s new song “(Look For The) Good People” was written and recorded in the wake of the terrible tornado that struck their home region earlier this month. 100% of the profits from downloads of this terrific tune (see below) will go to help those who’ve been impacted by the OK tornado.

What is your all-time favorite film?

Star Wars!!!  I vaguely remember seeing it in the theater when I was a kid (yeah, I know, that dates me) with my family.  And what I love most about it is IT’S AWESOME!!!! Light sabers, storm troopers, X-wing and TIE fighters, Jedis, Star Destroyers, the Millennium Falcon, Wookies, Droids, Darth Vader…..I mean, come on, I could do this all day!

What food do you like best when watching a movie?

Tortilla chips and Rotel Dip (melted Velveta cheese mixed with Rotel diced tomatoes & chilis), it’s some messy/yummy goodness!

What all-ages/family movie coming out this summer are you most excited to see?

My little guy is 2.5 and we haven’t taken him to the movies yet, but I’m pretty excited about Monsters University (opens this Friday, June 21.)  I’m a huge fan of Monster’s Inc (it’s another one that I will watch on TV at any point in it) and am definitely interested to see what this one holds.

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