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We’re Going to #DigIn to Spring with The Home Depot

This is a sponsored post, one in a series I will write on behalf of The Home Depot. Big love to them for wanting to work with me and OWTK, and for helping me get my yard in order for the 2013 outdoor season.

Like any good team, the wifey and I have discussed our outdoor life priorities ahead of this week’s Home Depot shopping trip, a trip that I am looking forward to immensely because it is the unofficial start of Project Red Stone (working title) and the official start of spring, my favorite time of year by 3.1 miles.

Having owned a home with a 1/2-acre yard for over a decade now, we’ve accumulated our fair share of gardening tools and that mismatched collection is in various stages of decay. Our shovels, hedge trimmer, looping sheers, and lawn mower are in fine working condition. The same cannot be said of our deck box, where we store a lot of our small gardening tools and the kids playtime toys, and of our weed whacker/trimmer. I have a hate/hate relationship with those devices, because while I very much fancy a clean edge and no tall grasses growing beneath our fence and around our gardens, I despise the process of replacing the line. So a new one of those is in order, a string trimmer with a 1-touch line replacement system. That has to exist in 2013, right? From the glowing reviews, this Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Hybrid Cordless String Trimmer may have my name written all over it.  We also realized that when our front yard takes shape later this year as part of Project Red Stone (working title), we’ll need a new hose out front to water the potted plants, new tree, and grass seed.

Ryobi ONE string trimmer Home Depot

Ideally, the gardening tools we purchase at The Home Depot this week will help harness our desire to remake the front of our home, and keep us motivated to keep up with everything even when the temperature approaches triple digits later in the summer.

As I mentioned previously, about 25 feet of bushes were forcibly ripped from the ground last spring, by the plumbers, while attacking and repairing a nasty water leak. I was not at all sad to see them go, for I foresaw the potential of something new there and figured, “what the hell, they already have the giant orange digger on the lawn, let’s have ’em go to town, haul it all away, and smooth it all out when done,” thus killing two birds with one stone (pun intended). Oh, stone! Yes, it is my dream to have a completely stone, red of course, garden bed shaped wavily and beautifully in front of the big-stone facade of the west wing of our modest ranch home. I’m envisioning a small, pink-flowering tree being planted first, offset to the right, a freestanding swing, and a rusty old fashion bicycle, maybe a pale yellow one?, strategically placed with flowers growing out of the basket and through the spokes of the tires. Yeah, I’ve thought about this a little bit over the last 12 months!

There are other projects on our radar too, like reworking our three raised beds and growing some organic edibles again. Yum. More on that later this week.

Time to get started!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

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