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March Music Video Therapy

I’ve been a surly a-hole to pretty much everyone lately. It is painfully obvious that I’m in desperate need a pick me up. And so I turn to music, as I have done for the past two decades, to provide the medicinal lift.

Here are some of the finest kindie music vids from the past few weeks/months, each one sure to put a smile on a face and a pep in a step. Maybe even mine.

The Pop Ups “Subway Train” from Outside Voices

It is strange to hear this song again. I admit to not having listened to the recorded version for well over a year now. My only somewhat recent experience with “Subway Train” is from the band’s Pasta! Puppet Musical where it is presented with more hectic energy. At first, I thought the band had rerecorded this song for the video, but now I remember the relative starkness of this wonderful electronica alphabet & animal tune. Enjoy this lovingly hand-illustrated video for “Subway Train”.

Mista Cookie Jar “Lover Not A Fighter” from Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution

The 5 Hour Energy Drink of the kindie world would be just about any song from the superfly SoCal purveyor of retro soul-rock, Mista Cookie Jar. The newest visual piece of musical brilliance from MCJ dials down the zaniness of previous videos to focus attention on the lyrics, and, of course, some rad Soul Train dancing.

Gustafer Yellowgold “Rock Melon” single

The Yellowgold franchise continues to grow with each and every DVD/CD combo, but here’s something brand new for Morgan Taylor & fam: A stand alone song and video, a single if you will, to tease, to delight, and to spur the sales of honeydew and cantaloupe from coast to coast. If there is a melon/melon baller affiliate network, I want in on it. Enjoy this catchy ditty that explains Slim the Eel’s favorite pastime as well as his alter ego, “Rock Melon”. Awesome!

Tim and the Space Cadets “2nd Grade Show” from Anthems for Adventure

Captain Handsome and the Pretty People, aka Tim Kubart & cohorts delivered their debut long player earlier this year and this was their first video from it. Seriously though, is this band straight from Central Casting?

I never acted in grade school, but man I wish I had the nerve to do it. I’d have probably killed in that ‘chubby & funny sitcom guy’ way. Get ready to sway like a tree, y’all, and enjoy this “2nd Grade Show”.

Istvan & His Imaginary Band “Pio Ta GoGo” from Sweet!

I haven’t the foggiest idea what this song is about, but it is short enough that I don’t dwell on my confusion. Plus, I dig it the beat and the video is beyond charming. It’s an Etsy-ized example of what can be done with some creativity and a smart phone.  Big budget videos are swell, but handmade ones are endearing.

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