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Banning Soda Is Not How To End Obesity

Mayor Bloomberg failed today to enact a ban on mammoth sodas. Fans of small government are cheering, while concerned citizens sulk. But the real losers, as always, are the kids of the adults who think consuming 64 ounces of soda, bags of Cheetos, and sleeves of Oreos are wise food choices. These folks probably aren’t having the necessary conversations at home to ensure that the youth of today don’t grow up to be more immense and unhealthy than the current generation.

I am far from perfect when it comes to the food I put into my body. It is an everyday struggle for me to make proper choices in the what and how much departments, but I have long since given up the majority of the processed, chemical-laded shit. And we talk as a family about the source of real food, the tricks of food advertising (like: “Sugar Free!” is just a euphemism for “There’s Fake Shit In Here!”), and how you can eat anything you want as long as it is actually food and in moderation. I think my kids are being set up for a chance at an active, healthy life.

I tackle this hot button, giant soda ban obesity issue today on the Good Men Project. Want to know how to end childhood obesity? Read my thoughts on why a giant soda ban isn’t the solution we need right now.

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