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Video Game Violence Is A Family Affair on HLN Raising America

A piece I wrote on the touchy subject of video game violence and its impact on children and families was published on The Good Men Project today, and then was quickly moved over and is being featured right now Headline News / HLN’s Raising America show page. My article is just to the left of Vice President Joe Biden’s face. Leslie Knope would be so damn jealous.

Please give it a looksee, it has at least one chuckle-worthy bit in it, and, if you’ve got something to add to the discussion of video games, violence, Skylanders, or just want to tell me how funny I am, leave a comment. Believe it or not, eyeballs and comments and Facebook Likes and tweets and all that stuff can really help writers like me get the chance to be heard in the din of big media. I very much appreciate your support.

Should the HLN link fail us in the hours and days to come, here is the static page for the article on The Good Men Project.

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