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Tide & Downey’s The Princess Dress Commercial and The Modern Man

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I heard buzz tonight of a great new commercial from Chris at Daddy Doctrines. He, like me and many other dad bloggers, get all tingly-like when a major brand portrays us (us as in modern dads, a collective group of non-neanderthals who have spawned at least one child) as the playful, helpful, bright, and loving people we are…most of the time. This “Princess Dress” TV spot from Tide and Downey is just about perfect in every way. Like Liz from Mom-101 said openly to brands, post-Super Bowl Ad Fest:

“Don’t they understand that a mother seeing a dedicated co-parent taking responsibility for their collective offspring on the teevee is not alienating? It triggers something in our brains or hearts or ovaries that makes us feel warm and fuzzy. It makes us want to like that brand.”

Seems that Tide and Downey understand, and were willing to give that crazy notion a try. They are willing to show moms (and dads) a dad in charge of the laundry and happily playing dress up and make-believe with this daughter. Modern dads will coo, while moms either 1) give some loving to their man who also does the laundry and can get out week old stains (gonna be a good night for me, fellas,) or 2) lament their poor husband choice.

Either way, brand wins, moms win, and modern dads win.

This is progress. Thanks, Tide.

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