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Not Saving For College on The Huffington Post

Jeff Bogle on The Huffington Post

Thanks to the relative controversialality (made-up word) of my case against college savings, I have made it onto The Huffington Post frontpage. Surely CNN, Headline News, The New York Times, and The White House aren’t far behind.

You read OWTK, so you’ve read it already, but would you fancy reading it again with the big HuffPo logo on top and with a cute little b&w avatar of me? Of course you would. Read my Case Against Saving For College on The Huffington Post.

*Photos of what we used the girls’ 2012 529 College Savings on, instead of, you know, college savings. That’s the Mrs. over there with our daughters in the Mediterranean Sea, and me with them outside of Gaudi’s Casa Mila in Barcelona. Nearly a year removed from that amazing trip, the Mouse (in green below) still refers to non-linear buildings and shapes as “very Gaudi.”

The Girls and Me Gaudi Curves

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