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The Complete 2012 OWTK Holiday Gift Guides

I’m trying something new this year, because I’m mildly addicting to the phrase “A Very {insert adjective here] Christmas,” and because I like change.  There will be upwards of 10 different gift guides, categorized by content not necessarily by age, and released to you my dear & loyal reader through this week.  My plan is to publish two a day, but that may change based on, you know, my fatherly responsibilities and such.

I hope these guides (which I spent many hours compiling and writing) are helpful to you in providing your kiddos with the most awesome-est holiday ever.  Feel free to bookmark this page, as I will update it with the guides as they are published.

Many of the products highlighted within the OWTK 2012 Gift Guides can be found cheaper locally, and maybe even at a local small business, and I encourage you to spread some of your money around to local folk doing the good work. But in case not, or in case you don’t want to leave your home and deal with the bad park jobs and general rudeness of others, I’ve included some Amazon linky love throughout the guides to make things easier for you. Note: OWTK will get some cash kickbacks should you buy anything from Amazon through those links, which helps keep this thing afloat. So thank you!

12/3 — A Very Personalized Christmas

12/3 — A Very Tiny Christmas

12/4 — A Very Active Christmas

12/4 — A Very Crafty Christmas

12/4 — A Very Tweenager Christmas

12/5 — A Very Handmade Christmas

12/5 — A Very Bookish Christmas

12/6 — A Very Playful Christmas

12/6 — A Very Violent Christmas

12/7 — A Very Skylanders Christmas

12/7 — A Very Kindie Christmas

12/7 — A Very Furry Christmas

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