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2012 OWTK Holiday Gift Guide: A Very Skylander Christmas

They are everywhere.  Normally, this would trouble me, and it might still (see: the ubiquitous Angry Birds), but for now and I happy to witness the success and cultural expansion of the greatest video game for kids, Skylanders, and its related franchise. Here are some of the Skylanders-related products we think are the bee’s knees.



Skylanders Giants MEGA Bloks

The video game world jumping off the screen is my favorite toy trend of the past couple of years. We see Halo, World of Warcraft, and Star Wars construction sets all over toy store shelves, and this past fall Skylanders Giants joined in the fun with a partnership with Mega Bloks. These sets are meticulously designed and built, with no details overlooked. From your favorite Skylanders characters (Kaos, Glumshanks, Tree Rex, Spyro, Chill, and more) to chompies, food (pretzels, cake), gold coins, and sheep, the Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants construction sets are practically perfect toys.

Skylanders Giants, the Game itself

Hey, speaking of perfect! I’ve written about it enough. You need to own this game. Now. Do it.

Skylanders Battlegrounds

There’s a chance you don’t do the TV thing but do rock the iPad. I get it and I’d be right there with you if not for certain sporting events. Previously, you couldn’t really get totally immersed into Skylanders without a TV (I recognize there is already is an online component but it is not the same), but those days are gone forever. A trio of apps, the most recent of which, most notably, rectifies this issue is Skylanders Battlegrounds. This is a whole new game with its own portal (bluetooth) that you play with the $6.99 Battlegrounds app. There is simply no stopping the Skylanders franchise.

Skylanders Giants Trading Card Game Starter Pack from Topps

I’m still a sucker for trading cards and stickers, having purchased Panini EURO 2011 Soccer stickers last summer, and the past two seasons of NFL products. Skylanders is also in the collectible card business now and while it may seem an odd thing to pay extra for, since the figures have been coming with cards & stickers all ready, this set by Topps is different and brings that pack-opening excitement into your home with your favorite video game characters.

Skylanders Books

The Machine of Doom (Skylanders Universe) was reviewed here on OWTK and it remains the only storybook in the collection, but there are also guides, sticker & activity books, and so on. The Mask of Power: Spyro Versus the Mega Monsters, the next title in the paperback chapter book series, won’t be out until Jan 🙁

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