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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: A Very Tweenager Christmas

Despite popular opinion to the contrary, tweenagers are people too, and while I don’t own any of my own, I understand that you, my dear and loyal reader, may have some of these strange creatures in your care.  And likely, they’d appreciate a gift or two under the tree, even if they no longer believe it’s the big Ho Ho dropping them off.

Here are some unique gift ideas for the mercurial 12-16 year old demographic.



One Teen Story

Maybe my most favorite way to spend $18 every year is my subscription to One Story. An original short story is published & delivered to your mailbox every 3 weeks, and they are usually quite terrific. The Brooklyn-based publishing company recently launched One Teen Story, providing young readers a short piece of literary fiction about the teen experience once a month from Sept-May. Use Code: OTS15 to subscribe to One Teen Story for just $15.

Sol Republic Tracks HD Headphones

Those big over the ear cans are all the rage with the youngsters, and these Sol Republic Tracks HD headphones are so beautiful and sound so brilliant.  And what’s better, you’ve got until tomorrow night to win a pair from OWTK! Yep, your tweenager is gonna love you, maybe even enough to give a hug. No kidding. Enter now!

Jess Penner Growing In The Cold CD

Dancy, moody, sweet, and fun, Jess Penner should be huge in the tween and teen music scene. Just listen to “Life Is Rosy” once and your girls will fall right in love her, and when Penner blows up, they can say they knew her when. What’s better, you can get the whole album for free from Noise Trade below:

Furt Party Game

I know texting and going to the movies rule the day for tweens and teens, but I see a time in the near future when a gaggle of pimply and awkward kids huddle around a table, maybe in a basement, maybe in the kitchen, t0 play insanely hilarious party games that are slightly off-kilter, a bit racy but not in that way, and, above all else, are just plain funny.  Furt is exactly THAT game, one that can’t really be explained in writing. Just know that you are all racing INTO a volcano and must perform truly whacky actions to move ahead towards your doom victory. You simply must have your 12-16 year old give this one a chance with their friends. Trust me. Times are a-changing for what constitutes a good time for young adults and Furt is a part of that change.


Like with everything else in the OWTK 2012 Gift Guides, many of the products highlighted above can be found cheaper locally, and maybe even at a local small business. But in case not, or in case you don’t want to leave your home and deal with the bad park jobs and general rudeness of others, here’s some Amazon linky love to make things easier for you.

(OWTK will get some cash kickbacks should you buy anything from Amazon through these links, which helps keep this thing afloat. So thank you!)

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