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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: A Very Tiny Christmas

Tiny gifts kinda rule, right? Tucked in deep under the tree as an extra special surprise once the presents pile appears to have dried up and Christmas seems over, or dropped down deep into stockings hung by the chimney with care — little gifts can pack a ton of joy.

Here are some of OWTK’s favorite tiny toys, gifts, and gear from the past year, any of which will make this holiday even more jolly than it’ll already be.  Amazingly, I didn’t squeeze the Tiny Titans into this A Very Tiny gift guide.  Fear not, the Bear’s 2nd-half-of-2012 obsession will surface on OWTK this week!




IOTA & Dweebies Card Games

Dweebies goes everywhere we go. This compact, easy to understand & play card game is beautiful, funny, and fun for kids and adults of all ages. IOTA, Gamewright’s newest mini-card deck, is the teensiest game we’ve ever seen, but the strategic fun is gigantic.

Little Hands Card Holder Set

Whether its at your toddler’s weekly poker game, or while playing Dweebies and IOTA, your tiniest card shark is gonna love this handy tool to make their hand fit in their hand (see what I did there?)

Trash Pack Trashies

Admit it, you loved the Garbage Pail Kids when you were young. I know I did, and now I, um, I mean my girls, are digging the Trash Pack Trashies big time, especially the first one we ever got, Skummy Mummy. These tiny rubbery gross guys are a like a mash-up of those Garbage Pail Kids and Squinkies.  And there’s a Street Sweeper for the Trashies that is so hilarious, sucking them up right off the carpet which makes cleanup time super fun! I’ve seen it in action, and it works brilliantly!

SONNY Angels

Full disclosure: I’m not a fan of angels or angel imagery but when we saw these figures in a tiny toy shop in Paris this past Spring, we had to have some. They are naked, adorable, sold in mystery packs, and in a variety of themes (fruit, veggies, animals).  Super, duper cute, and different from what every other kid will get in their stocking from Santa this year. Winning.

Lalaloopsy Mini Figures

Yes, they are cute with their sewn-on eyes and patchwork outfits, but their heads are so obnoxiously heavy that regular-sized Lalaloopsy dolls are impossible to play with without accessories to prop them up around the pretend tea party or in the crowd watching the Playmobil people put on a rousing musical.  For this reason, we prefer the smaller, more easily manageable (both financially and practically, during playtime) Lalaloopsy minis. The girls will be getting a couple more of these this Christmas, including the one I show here, the Scoops Serves Ice Cream Set, and the Tippy’s Ballet Recital.  The mini Lalaloopsy figures are sold in sets with some extras for around $10-$12 or as individual figures with pet for $8 or so.


Like with everything else in the OWTK 2012 Gift Guides, many of the products highlighted above can be found cheaper locally, and maybe even at a local small business.  But in case not, or in case you don’t want to leave your home and deal with the bad park jobs and general rudeness of others, here’s some Amazon linky love to make things easier for you.

(OWTK will get some cash kickbacks should you buy anything from Amazon through these links, which helps keep this thing afloat. So thank you!)

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