Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: A Very Furry Holiday

If you’re a middle class family, you probably have waaaaay too many stuffed animals already, but that isn’t going to stop me from suggesting three more that’ll look even more adorable under your tree this Christmas.



Gustafer Yellowgold Slim the Eel Boneless Plush Action Doll

The wait is finally over!! Gustafer fans across the globe can now bring home a cuddly plush Slim the Eel doll to have and to hold. For an independent artist, bulk ordering thousands of dolls ain’t the easiest thing to manage, but I for one am so happy that Morgan Taylor placed that big order. Slim dolls are a must own, and will make a terrific Christmas gift, even if you have to supply your own tube sock for him to sleep in. Confused by those last three sentences? Get up to speed on the Gustafer Yellowgold phenomenon.

Amazimals (Blip Toys)

The latest and greatest toy from the makers of Squinkies is way bigger and way furrier than its miniscule cousin.  Amazimals are charming interactive pets, the best of which are ticklish, trick-doing, and mommy and her litter of pups that are ideal for mommy/baby play. The Mouse is getting that last one under the tree this year. These plush friends, 17 in all, spread out over 6 different varieties, will be available this month, exclusively from Wal-Mart (which is, without a doubt, the worst part of this story.)

Squishables Buy One Give One Mini Penguin

We love our Squishable Foxy, and he still occupies the end of the Mouse’s bed every night. And we love penguins, which is why this buy one, give one mini penguin deal (part of the company’s annual holiday charity effort) gets the nod here. This year, many of those adorable penguins given away will go to kids left without toys post-Superstorm Sandy. Your kid gets one, and so does someone in need. Perfect.

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