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Watch This: Mista Cookie Jar “Lucas!” Kid’s Music Video

When it entered our home, there were many instant hit songs from Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution, the 2012 album from Los Angeles kindie hipster Mista Cookie Jar, but it was “Lucas!” that made the greatest mark with my girls.  Its ridiculousness is, well, ridiculous funny, and the pop culture references (Darth Vader, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Razor Scooters) win the day.

Enjoy “Lucas!”, the music video for the coolest, costumed, video game superstar kid in the world, from Mista Cookie Jar:

Now download the song for your own “stone cold freaks”:

And then listen to more cuts from this terrific album for free on the June and October episodes of the OWTK podcast. Word.

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