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Magic Feather Family Board Game Review + Giveaway

If you were baking an OWTK cake, the recipe card would feature some pretty obvious ingredients.  Obvious, of course, if you’ve been reading my reviews and articles over the years.  And if you have, thank you!

For the newbs, know that we value products created with, and that inspire in the users: creativity, originality, and independence. We look for this in our toys, in our books, apps, movies, music, etc.  

Magic Feather, a brand new family board game from the small San Diego, CA toy company Wiggity Bang Games, meets all those criteria.  Boy, does it ever!  Plus, this board game for ages 7+ has a tasty icing made with goofiness, oddball-ness, and many hearty chuckles. What is with the baking references? Maybe it was the nutella-stuffed sea salt chocolate chip cookies I made a couple weeks back, the aroma of which still lingers in the kitchen.  Oh how I wish there was just one more of those tasty nuggets of bliss hidden away somewhere around here. Nom nom nom.

Okay, Magic Feather, yes, no more cookie or cake talk.  We four sat down at the dining room table for a game night recently, a zany evening that began with the curious, inventive, and easy-on-the-eyes Magic Feather.  The laughing starts instantly, during set-up, when you and your kids choose a magic feather color and a unique character.  Pick from Poopsie the cat, Swift the turtle, Nutkin the squirrel, Iris the purple skunk, or four more sweetly illustrated neighborhood critters.  The Mouse was hysterical over Poopsie, although, oddly enough, she went with Swift.  She is an odd one, that girl.

The game is played on a neighborhood-centric board with an ice cream shop, mini-golf course, recycling plant, elementary school, library, and more, and off of one of six story cards — prose scenarios that will have the all players starting somewhere, placing their magic feather piece somewhere else, and that give you all a simple, lighthearted tale to explain what it will eventually take to dominate your opponents and crush their spirit win at Magic Feather.

The cards drawn during the game dictate each character’s movement and will ask players to do a variety of physical tasks (do crazy karate moves for 20-seconds, put on an impromptu hand puppet show) and mental ones (name three things you’d never want to eat again, name three things that make the person to your left sad).  There are no wrong answers here, just laughter and positive movements.  Your animal character struts around the board (first to get your feather, then to arrive at a neighborhood destination outlined on your story card) but the real action takes place around the table, with your family talking to each other and laughing with (and at) each other.

Magic Feather is the ultimate kooky party game for young families.  While it calls for kids 7+, younger young’uns can and will enjoy it too, with some help reading the prompts.  We played a 2nd game last week, at midnight in a hotel room with another family of four.  Their kids are ages 7 and 16, and both were hysterical — absolutely hysterical — to the point of nearly causing a scene (along with my loud laughers), waking up the poor souls unfortunate enough to get the hotel rooms next to us.

So you pretty much need to buy this one straightaway (or win it below!) for your gang, just consider leaving Magic Feather at home during your next hotel stay.


This game is so much fun, I decided that I wanna give one away. Wiggity Bang Games loved this idea too. Thanks to them for offering up a free game to one OWTK reader. Follow the instructions below to find out all the ways you can rack up entries for this giveaway.  Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*OWTK received a copy of the game for review consideration. The opinions expressed above, and the gut-laughs caused by playing Magic Feather, are unbiased and honest, as always.

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