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A Tasty Ghost Story for All Ages

The Bake Shop Ghost

by Jacqueline K. Ogburn
Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman

A heartwarming tale of a sly, cantankerous old ghost, a fiery young female baker (an African-American one at that!), a few authentic Italian cannolis, some puff pastry, and a bit of marzipan, that may pull out a few tears while you drag out your own mixer to whip up a cake (recipe in the back of the book) worthy of the small town bakery legend who goes from haunting to helping.

We randomly picked this up from the library to read in the lead-up to October 31st, fright night, but it’s far more sweet than spooky.  The Bake Shop Ghost has instantly become a favorite of the girls, one they ask for nightly. We’ll be buying a copy for our own library.

The Bake Shop Ghost, first published in 2008, was turned into a short film the following year, the preview for which indicates a very faithful retelling of the story of Ms. Cora Lee Merriweather and her heartbreaking wish for a cake of her own to eat.  No idea where or how we can screen the entire film, but you should go right ahead and enjoy the trailer here:

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