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OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast – September 2012 Playlist

We start with friendship strong and true, and close with a mediation on the brevity of childhood. In between features more brilliance from the world of modern children’s music. Here’s the playlist for the September episode of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast:

  • Secret Agent 23 Skidoo “Secret Handshake” from Underground Playground
  • Sugar Free Allstars “Gotta Get Up” from All On A Sunday Afternoon
  • Elska “Arctic Fox” from Middle of Nowhere
  • Todd McHatton “Ooh Shiny” from Todd McHatton Presents Marvy Monstone’s Mysterious Fun Time Dream Band
  • Michael Andrews “Bubbles In Space” from Spilling A Rainbow
  • Istvan & His Imaginary Band “What’s Mama Doin'” from Things I Like
  • Ellis Paul “Abiola” from Dragonfly Races
  • Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band “Lines And Dots” from A Potluck
  • Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke “Going To The Moon” from Rise And Shine
  • The Jellydots “Someday Soon” from Jelly Jukebox

Consider purchasing and downloading some (or all!) of the songs I played this month from Amazon.com below.  A little of your support for these hard-working independent family artists goes a long, long way.  Thanks!

*The new Todd McHatton album, as well as Elska’s debut CD, are not out just yet but will be soon!  OWTK will have more coverage of both later on this month.

It’s the Golden Age of Family Music and I’m proving it every single month with this here podcast. Don’t miss a single episode — past or future — by subscribing right now to the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly on iTunes for free!

Don’t do the iTunes thing for whatever reason?  No worries, download the September episode directly right here, or just stream it below.

Thanks for listening, I appreciate it. And the bands do too.

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