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Free Kid’s Music (Autumn Edition): Joanie Leeds “Falling”

I’m not one who believes there is a particular need for kindie music to sound like Taylor Swift or others of her ilk.  That said, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to be able to offer up a bouncy, light pop song suggestion to her fans. Especially one that is available for free.

Consider this a gateway drug without the health risk, although with the possibility of addiction.  This new song by Joanie Leeds may serve as a passage of sorts into a better musical world — one with more heart, more soul, no star F-ing, and no paparazzi bullshit.

Here’s to a childhood that doesn’t involve a single issue of US Weekly, celeb dating rumors, or auto-tune!

Download “Falling”, Joanie Leeds‘ ode to the bestest season of them all, for free right now:

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