Back To School Special: The Magic School Bus Complete Series DVD Collection

There’s a scene in my favorite movie of all time, Kicking and Screaming (and before you ask, no, NOT the one with Will Ferrell), when one slightly older male character says to a youthful female on her 17th birthday: “hey, now you can read Seventeen Magazine and get all the references.”  It’s sarcastic, condescending, dry and hilarious (no wonder it cracks me up so much) and, believe it or not, it kind of applies here.

The Mouse started kindergarten last month and while she doesn’t ride the school bus to and from school, she does understand now the classroom dynamic and the idea of field trips (her first one is in a couple of weeks), although her’s won’t usually have her traveling under the sea or inside a hen.  And thus, she gets The Magic School Bus like she never really could before.  And she is in love with it.

The classic animated series staring Ms. Frizzle (voiced by Lily Tomlin) trades in bad puns, crazy adventures, real science, and tangible knowledge.  Watching these episodes alongside my girls is a joy as they laugh and learn, and even though the former is likely far greater than the later, that’s a-okay in my book.  Still, there is some seriously educational stuff here, a metric ton of it, presented in such a goofy way that it winds up teaching in my favorite way: innocuously.  I believe we all learn the valuable and long-lasting lessons in life —  about the world and ourselves — when we aren’t specifically trying to learn anything at all.   And that is EXACTLY what happens when you and your kids enroll in Ms. Frizzle’s class at Walkerville Elementary.

In total, there were 52 Magic School Bus episodes aired and they are ALL included here in this hefty 8-DVD set.  That’s 26 hours of Ms. Frizzle, Liz the lizard, and bright curious students (and at least one anxious boy) “Taking chances! Making Mistakes! & Getting Messy!”

The Magic School Bus Complete Series DVD Collection, packaged in a nifty collectable box, is on a great sale right now on Amazon.  A tremendous value, really.

*OWTK received the DVDs in consideration for review. The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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