OWTK Philly Local: Melt Down Grilled Cheese Restaurants

There are no Melt Down Grilled Cheese restaurants yet to melt hearts in Philly proper 🙁

…but the locally-owned, franchise-able fast-ish food joints conceived by the folks behind the popular (Sorry, We’re Open) pizza chain Peace A Pizza, are in and around town.  North Wales & Wayne, to be precise, and soon in Newark, DE on the campus of U of D).   They will undoubtedly and eventually make their way into town.  My money is on University City or Northern Lib as the first get one, ’cause young folk need cheap eats and youthful urbanites in the 21st century demand good eats. Deliciously, Melt Down provides both.

The closest Melt Down Grilled Cheese location to us is a hop, skip or jump from the Whole Foods in Devon, making this particular Melt Down the perfect spot for a quick bite to eat before or after grocery shopping. Enjoy a New Hope all natural fountain drink (the Bear was eying up the Orange Mango and the Watermelon Creme), and a quickly made fresh grilled cheese.  Then, for just $2.75, order up a tasty ice cream sandwich with grilled pound cake and raspberry sauce. Yum!  We ordered ours at the same time as lunch, to avoid getting back in line, but set it in a holding pattern until we were done.  The friendly staff of Melt Down keep an eye on us to whip up and bring out the dessert near the end of our lunch.  Perfect.

The $6.95 half sandwich (your choice) + salad (or soup) is a steal. You get a hearty grilled cheese (1/2 of any variety they offer — I went with the Baja Melt which meant avocado, tomato, and chicken with Monterrey Jack cheesey goodness), a sizable and fantastic chopped salad (with apples, avocado, cheese, bacon, delicious balsamic vinaigrette, and some crispy bread), kettle chips, and a pickle spear. Delicious and reasonably priced. I was told after our lunch that the apple mustard is a winner…next time, Melt Down, next time!

The kid’s meal nets your little one a 1/2 classic grilled cheese, milk or New Hope fountain drink, chips, pickle, and an apple for $4.95.

We tried Melt Down so you don’t have to. But you’re gonna want to. Because it is outstanding! And affordable. Check out the menu below:

Then go!

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