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How It Will Be Done

I am crazy proficient at many a thing.

I can do two loads of laundry from agitate to folding in-between push-mowing the 1/2-acre lawn, running and then emptying the dishwasher, and making the kids a well-balanced lunch spread of freshly cut veggies, homemade egg salad, and applesauce.  I’m pretty freakin’ productive.  No, I’m not always smiling, but I get shit done. And that makes me happy…on the inside.

Making a schedule?  Yeah, that’s not one of the life tasks I do well.  Or at all. But, BUT! I have made and printed and hung up in plain sight a daily schedule for the girls and I as we together usher in the ’12-’13 school year.  It’s 85% hopefully, 15% pipe dream, but still, I DID IT.  And that’s a step in the proper direction.  Here she is, in all her Cambria slendor:

My portion of the girl’s portion of the daily sched involves food prep and driving, mostly.  Then, the bulk of each weekday is to be divvied up thusly:

  • A trip to the gym for a 40 minute walk/run — what I’m cheekily coining my 5K Every Weekday program — and weight training.
  • Book writing.
  • Sensible lunch.
  • Blog/Article writing.
  • T-shirt shop work (designing/maintenance).
  • Podcasting (the OWTK Kid’s Music one and a new one that will launch in the Fall…all about ‘process’)

No doubt matinee movies will be involved too.  I just can’t resist those.

I got a head start on bullet point #1 last week, making early morning trips to Planet Fitness and completing 3.1 mile walks/runs in times ranging from 38-40 minutes. A couple of minutes off of my all-time best time, but impressive enough as a starting point. And shit, I did it 3 straight days! I’ll wait until your applause subsides…

I then helped friends move on Saturday and Sunday, working my ass off for 12+ hours lifted heavy boxes of books, magazines, CDs, and, possibly dead bodies rolled up inside thick carpets, walking up and down steps, and generally putting my back in serious jeopardy whilst sweating like a warthog. An obese, out of shape warthog.  Then on Monday morning while the rest of my family slept soundly, I limped back to a treadmill, in a hotel this time, for a hard-earned 5K in 40-minutes flat.  I wanted to quit about every 3 minutes of that one as my knee was tweaked and my back was being a bitch, but I didn’t. I have a never stop, never quit mindset that should theoretically make it possible to get in shape, but clearly I have never succeeded.

This is how it will be done this school year.  I will write thousands of words, I will eat well, and I will exercise every single day.

What about you?  Got any big plans once the kiddies are off getting educated?

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