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My PlayHome Gets Updated, Gets Even Better

I reviewed the then-new app for kids My PlayHome nearly 1 year ago.  We loved it.  Since, there’s been a trio of brilliant updates — the most recent of which came yesterday — adding a backyard with tree house, veggie garden, and working trampoline, a parent’s room with hats & jewelry (hello dress-up play!), and, best of all, more ethnic family options (and not only because you can now bounce 4 babies on the trampoline at once!).

The price went up a buck, to $3.99, but this terrific iPad & iPhone app is still cheaper than just about every single plastic toy on the shelf at Toys-R-Us and WAY more enjoyable. If you don’t own My PlayHome, buy it now, if you already have it, be sure to grab the updates.

*Now available on Android devices too!

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