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OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast – June Playlist

Bright, sunny, and warm: those were my goals for the June episode of the hottest (why not?) kindie music podcast in all the land.  I think I accomplished all three with these ten songs.

Here’s the playlist for June, enjoy!:

  1. Sugar Free Allstars “All On A Sunday Afternoon” from All On A Sunday Afternoon
  2. KBC Kids “I Like Summer” from Milk Money
  3. Ellen and Matt “Playground” from It’s Love
  4. Rhythm Child “I Can’t Play Today” from Eat A Bowl of Cherries
  5. Recess Monkey “Lemonade” from In Tents
  6. Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band “Lemonade Stand” from A Potluck
  7. Mista Cookie Jar “Ur the Music” from Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution
  8. David Tobocman “Rope Around the Moon” from Lemonade School
  9. Boogers “Otto’s Orange Day” from Let’s Go!
  10. Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band “I’m So Glad” from I’m So Glad

It’s the Golden Age of Family Music and I’m proving it and validating it every single month.  Don’t miss a single episode by subscribing right now to the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast on iTunes for free!

Buy/pre-order (most of) what I played this month:

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