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Waiting With My Milk Toof At The Dentist

What do I get for being early? An extra long wait, that’s what. And me doesn’t like any waits, let alone those of the elongated variety.

Yet there we were, in the lobby of the dentist at 5:50pm for dual 6:00pm appointments. While we waited, until 6:25pm I should add [hmph], to hear the girls’ names be called aloud we found a nugget of photographic & literary bliss in the stack of crapazines.

My Milk Toof is the kind of thing that, even in a world full of hateful crazies and gross bullshit, makes me love life a wee bit more than I would if such things didn’t exist.  The concept, art direction, storytelling, and photography involved in this tale of two baby teeth returning home is highly entertaining and utterly adorable.  The Bear and Mouse and I were immediately smitten with this book – laughing, oowing & aawing, and even tearing up a bit in spots.

You’ve gotta check out the My Milk Toof Blog for so much more of the adorable…and Oh.My.God. you can buy stunning 11×17 prints of ickle and lardee in a menagerie of scenes.  Be still my youthful heart.

Someday, when I have my first children’s book published I can only hope to have the privilege of working with a publisher as creative and risk-taking as Chronicle Books.  I heart them so.

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