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iOS App for Kids Review: Slippery Seal

Since the mega-success of Angry Birds, many an app developer has dreamed of following that lead and branching out into toys, books, clothes, commercials, and more. It may very well never happen again – a $1 app becoming a cross-culturally saturated property – but we will see more break out stories and brands from the iTunes app store. Slippery Seal from Rock Out Apps probably doesn’t have the characters to make a full Angry Birds-esque transition off of your iDevice and into your home, although the Seal is quite a cutie and the ever present shark and spiky puffer are worthy villains, but it shines brightly as a progressively-challenging/unlocking-levels style of game. And yes, I could easily see Slippery Seal stuffed animals and themed-birthday party swag.

The point of gameplay is simple: Reach your clam gobbling goal by diving down, jumping up, flopping over rocks, and dodging jellies in the time allotted to unlock the next levels in new watery parts of the world. Right now there are a total of 20 locales in the paid version, a number that will obviously need to rise – this is, after all, one of the keys to the growth of Angry Bird early on; frequent updates, exciting new levels and looks for fans to get excited about and share in with friends. Assuming Rock Out Apps stays on top of this one and gets creative with the app’s future levels, Slippery Seal could very well be the next app to infiltrate all aspects of your life.

Try the Slippery Seal Lite version which gets you 2 levels, then step up to the increasingly difficult paid version of the great Slippery Seal app.

*OWTK was provided with a promo code to try out the Slippery Seal app for review consideration. The opinions above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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