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The 2012 Zooglobble KidVid Tournament Elite Eight

And then there were six.

The 2012 KidVid tournament field of 32 was been voted down to an elite 8 last week, and the first two elite 8 battles were concluded yesterday when Todd McHatton and Princess Katie & Racer Steve rolled into the Final Four.

One of the remaining two Final Four berths will be claimed today right here on OWTK in a New York City duel. The other contest is taking place on Gooney Bird Kids as you read this. Vote here, vote there, then pass through the Zooglobble Hippodrome turnstiles on Wednesday & Thursday for the KidVid semi-finals.

Please watch both videos then vote for your favorite below. Voting ends at 11:55pm ET/8:55 PT tonight so have it right now.

The Pete Seeger Regional Final

#2 The Pop Ups “Balloon”


#8 Suzi Shelton “Tomboy in a Princess Dress”


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