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Introducing the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast **Updated**

Download and listen to the first installment of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast!  Then subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

This family friendly show (read: no cursing at all!) is meant to focus your attention on 10 of the best kindie songs available to modern families; old ones, new ones, ones not yet released (not on this show, but maybe future ones…oh I’m such a tease!).

I had an absolute blast recording this and sincerely hope you and your kids enjoy listening to it.  I come in with a howl after the first two songs.  You’ve been warned.

Listen and/or download now!

Episode One Playlist:

Artist – Song – Album

The Happy Racers – “Lovabye Dragon” – “Ready Set Go”
Mo Phillips – “Big Red Truck” – “Monster Suit”
Billy Kelly f/ Davy Jones – “Me and My Brand New Haircut” – “Is This Some Kind Of Joke?”
The Not-Is! – “Puppy Dog” – “Tag, You’re It!”
Todd McHatton – “These Random Fields” – “Galactic Champions of Joy”
Lullatone – “the best paper airplane ever” – “Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures”
Recess Monkey – “The Pool” – Wonderstuff
Coal Train Railroad – “(Just Another) A Day At The Pool” – “Coal Train Railroad Swings!”
Bari Koral Family Rock Band – “Hearts” – “Anna And The Cupcakes”
In The Nick of Time – “Slumber Party” – “Making Silly Faces”

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