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Brother P-Touch: From Organization to Integration

Since completing the Brother P-Touch sponsored & inspired organizational endeavor of late-2011, our trusty label maker has been utilized for a number of projects; most recently during the preparation for the Bear’s 8th birthday party. Ahead of the baking-themed shindig a couple of weeks ago, my two girls labeled all of the goodie bags, snack bags, and spatulas that were the takeaways from that birthday baking bash.  And earlier this year, the Mouse made labels for the teachers in her pre-K classroom; for them to use on their folders and supply drawers.  I offer no photographic evidence of such usage, because all involved the names of children not my own and teachers (also not my own), but believe you me, the Bear and the Mouse have been working the label maker pretty hardcore.  In fact, we’ve run out of berry pink label tape and are nearly done with the clear!

You’d think that the best part of buying a Brother P-Touch label maker is the assist it gives in getting yourself and your family organized, but you’d be wrong. The greatest outcome of having the device is tied to its ease of use, allowing young children to have fun and take pride in making labels for a variety of projects and purposes and people. Your kids may not always know it, but making decisions about style, font, and graphical embellishment are the building blocks of a brilliant mash-up of artistic compartmentalizing; two stereotypically opposing mindsets.  To be neat and tidy, yet also have an keen eye for style.  My gosh, I’m describing myself!

All of the labels we used last year, including those affixed to water bottles and lunch containers, have stood the test of time, of the dishwasher, and of sometimes aggressive hand-scrubbing by moi.  The colors of the ink and the labels themselves have not faded a bit, and the edges have not begun to pull back even a smidge.  Our Brother P-Touch has transitioned from a reliable organizational device to a fully integrated tool called upon frequently for a variety of tasks – both purposeful and novelty – in and around the house.  I’m even thinking about using the Brother P-Touch to label the veggies in the garden this year, thus putting the labels and the ink to the ultimate nature test!

*Note: I wrote the Brother P-Touch series of reviews while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received product and a gift card to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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