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An Announcement

Here’s the short version: I’m taking a break from all most things internet.  See you in a couple of months.

In the meantime, you should know that there are some brilliant albums coming out for families young and old.  Most notable of these are:

  • The Okee Dokee Brothers “Can You Canoe?” (5/15) – music to make you whole again, to make you love the world again, to make you stop and listen and look at all that surrounds you, and consider anew all that you hold dear (or should hold more dear).  In other words, I’ve been listening to “Can You Canoe?” a lot recently and will continue to spin this metaphorical masterpiece in the coming weeks and months.  You should too.
  • The Pop Ups “Radio Jungle” (4/3) – the Brooklyn duo return with their sophomore album and dial up the electro-pop along with the insanely infectious melodies and killer hooks.  There is no stopping these two fine young chaps.
  • Gustafer Yellowgold “Year In The Day” (4/3) – it is hard to continue to describe Morgan Taylor’s Yellowgold albums.  The temptation is to constantly say something like “now this is the best one yet” but that is super lame.  Still, “Year in the Day” IS the best Gustafer Yellowgold DVD/CD combo to date because of the tempo and vocal-styling variations on the songs “Fireworks”, “Werewolves Rock” and “Four Leaved Clover” and the hilarious illustrations on “Pancake Smackdown” and “Werewolves Rock”.  Also for the line “Keep it simple sweetheart, and kiss me” on the swooning Valentine’s track “Keep it Simple Sweetheart”.
  • Mo Phillips “Monster Suit” (April) – we’ve been spinning this constantly for over a month and I still can’t properly describe it.  Think early Pavement: “Monster Suit” at least has that low-fi indie folk-pop thing going on.  The girls have this disc in their room and it is on every single day.

There’s surely a bounty of other fine discs coming out as well.  But those four are at the top of the heap.

For kindie music & kid culture coverage while I’m unplugged, please do continue to hit up Zooglobble and Dadnabbit, and listen to the weekly radio shows Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl and Spare the Rock Spoil the Child.  Those fine cats are better writers and better DJs than I could ever be.  Go forth and bask in the warm glow of the Golden Age of Family Music (yeah, I’m gonna keep using that until it catches on).

I was going to record a longer version and post to YouTube to explain my absence but I just don’t feel like it.  Basically, I got caught up in the world wide web and lost some focus on what really matters most to me.  I misplaced the balance I’d enjoyed for much of the last decade and I now need to go through a digital detox of sorts.  I want to spend more of my time looking at the kids and the wife than at a screen of some kind; you know, try to be the kind of parent I once was, and the variety of husband I should be.   Also, I need to dive headfirst into working on the several children’s book I’m writing, and get myself in shape for the adult soccer league I intend to join this summer or fall.  I’ve fallen in love with the sport as a spectator and will now try to transition that passion to the pitch.  It’s been some 28 years since I donned shinguards. Wish me luck.

I must also add that the Bear recently starting playing basketball at school and she loves it.  So much so that she’ll start floor hockey next month.  These are just 5 week intermural things but it is a big step because she’s been hesitant to participate in anything like this in the past.  She remains the more timid of my two daughters, but is asking to give these sports a try.  Kinda  huge deal around here.  Her and I have been on the court working on post up moves, footwork, movement without the ball, and bounce passing.  It’s been a real blast to see her eager to get better and understand the finer points of the game, and very fun for me to parent in a way I didn’t know I was going to get to. Also, I get to play the role of good, supportive dad – the kind that doesn’t shout instructions over top of the coaches during the scrimmages.  Yes, I am experiencing those kinds of parents live and in person for the first time.  It’s freakin’ killing me not to tweet about it.

OWTK will be mostly dark, let’s call it especially dim, until at least May.  Until then…



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