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Skylanders Toy Fair Exclusive Cynder Giveaway Winners

This sucks.

While I’m happy for the two lucky folks randomly selected to receive my two purple metallic, 100% rad and rare Cynder figures, I’m completely aware that this post will disappoint many.  This is apropos, in a way, since many of you disappointed me in the run up to tonight’s announcement.

Listen, I know that a good number of you are on the up and up, the majority really, and I sincerely appreciate each of you and your various entries into this giveaway.  And then there are those of you who tried to cheat by posting multiple comments under different names, over different dates, and with different “favorite” Skylanders. Others had a hard time following the basic instructions; for example, leaving a comment saying “I want this SOOOO bad” isn’t an entry.  Sorry to break the news to ya. Neither is telling me you posted about the giveaway on your personal Facebook page. This kind of stuff made my job more difficult. And I don’t like my job to get more difficult. At all. I ended up deleting 60-70 comments that either didn’t follow the instructions or that I deemed cheats.  I don’t have time for such bullshit.

This will be the last giveaway of this kind that I host. There is almost no upside for me, just work I don’t need and postage costs to who knows where to pay for. Frankly, flipping these two Cynder figures on eBay for a couple hundred each would’ve been the way to go for me, if only to not hear about people’s ill family members, pathetic pleas for me to pick them in a random giveaway, and threats of hurting themselves if they don’t win. Seriously? Stay classy, it’s a god damn toy.

Yeah, all of this Toy Fair exclusive Cynder business has sucked a bit of joy from my Skylanders experience. I guess it was too be expected, but still, the lack of dignity and grace of some ruin things for the rest.  Such is true here, and in the rest of life as well.

All that said, a big hearty congratulations goes out to Robert (Comment #28) and Nicole (Comment #142)! You should both have emails from me in your inbox. I hope you are excited and will enjoy playing with Cynder. If you sell her and profit from all of this, well, that would just be icing on this turd cake, wouldn’t it?

*Wickedly cool Cynder Toy Fair Figure photo at the top right snagged from the Cool Toy Review website.

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