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Let Them Never Need Anyone Else

The same recurring thought popped into my mind again this week, twice in fact.  Once as I watched my girls playing with creative and reckless abandon on wickedly cool pirate-themed playground equipment, and then again while quietly starring out at the Pacific ocean:

Let them never need anyone else.

I’m not certain to what extent I truly wish this statement of hopeful fact to be exactly that or even why, as the notion of either girl someday needing the comfort, affection, or aid of another is nothing in and of itself to fear.

But friendship can be a fickle beast and extended family ties can be strained over years of weathering and also by the expectation of closeness. You know; blood/water thickness and all.  Sisters however, I feel often when I see them together, if done right, and I think we may be on to something with Bear and Mouse although I admit it is very early, could be the thing worth the most.

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