OWTK PHILLY LOCAL: Randy Kaplan Comes To Phoenixville

There are a lot of good people making good music for families in 2012 but no one is quite like Randy Kaplan.  The Los Angeles resident has a classic cool, 1930’s troubadour style on and off stage, and folds sharp wit, sly humor, and brilliant childhood insight in with a passion for mid-20th-century Broadway musicals.  The live concert result of all of that is a funny, singer-songwriter-storyteller style of performance that will make parents chuckle as much and as heartily as the kids in the crowd. Expect Dylan covers, Porgy & Bess reinventions, some Sigmund Freud references, and hopefully a little preview of Kaplan’s forthcoming family disc “Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie” which’ll feature his unique take on seriously old-school rhythm & blues songs (I’m talking Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson type stuff).  Oh, and I’m certain you’ll learn a little about his famous pet monkey named ‘Kqxhc’.

Enjoy “The Derby Ram” by Randy Kaplan:

Randy Kaplan comes to the Philadelphia area only once or twice per year.  One of his 2012 visits is Saturday, January 21st at the Colonial Theatre at 2pm in downtown Phoenixville.  Tickets are $8.50 in advance and are available here.

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