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Nintendo DS Game Review: Max and the Magic Marker

by Cooper McHatton

Max and this Magic Marker is already a brilliant game on the iPhone and on the Wii.  How does the new DS version stack up?

The Story Begins: Max and the Magic Marker is the story of Max, a young boy, who receives an orange marker in the mail without any letter of explanation attached. He goes to test it out right away and finds that the monster he draws instantly comes to life and runs away into some of his other artwork. Realizing that he has to stop his creation, he draws himself on the page and instantly finds himself on the page as well. Gamers play as Max and the Magic Marker as they run, jump, and draw their way through this puzzling platformer with a twist.

Puzzling Platforming plus a Magic Marker: Max and the Magic Marker is a platforming adventure with a unique twist. Players have the ability to use the Magic Marker to draw directly into the level. For example, if Max approaches a ledge he can’t reach, player can draw him a staircase, bridge, slide, or something more strange and inventive to get him there. As the game goes on players need to use other elements to their advantage to get to the goal, such as freezing time before Max falls and drawing platforms for him to stand on while time is frozen. Things like this (combined with the games great physics system) make Max and the Magic Marker a fantastic game concept.

The Problems: Unlike the fabulous iOS version, the excellent Wii version, the original Mac/PC version, or any other version for any other system, Max and the Magic Marker DS is plagued by unforgivable glitches, poor graphics, unresponsive and badly-designed controls, and a much higher price tag ($20+). The iPhone/iPod version is $1.99, the HD iPad version is $4.99 (on sale right now for just $.99!), the Wii version is $10, and the Mac/PC version is $6.99. If you have another system, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy Max and the Magic Marker for it instead.

Overall: You should get this game immediately on a iOS device and give the other versions some serious consideration, but I simply cannot recommend the DS version. Instead, if you are bent on playing a DS game in this style, look into Drawn To Life: Next Chapter. It’s designed similarly, has a lot more content, and is less expensive ($15 on Amazon right now).

Graphics: 3
Sound: 7
Design: 2
Story: 8
Gameplay: 5
Value: 2
Overall: 4.5

*OWTK received a copy of Max and the Magic Marker for DS to facilitate a review. The opinions above are honest and unbiased.

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