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Nintendo DS Game Review & Giveaway: DaGeDar **Winner Selected**

**Congrats to Danetta Young! You have won the DaGeDar DS Game.  Thanks to all who entered.**

DaGeDar for Nintendo DS
by Cooper McHatton

About/Objective: Gamemill entertainment bridges the real world of DaGeDar toys to the virtual world of the Nintendo DS with a game based on the actual DaGeDar racing sets. Fans of DaGeDar will love seeing their favorite characters jump off their playsets into the loops and drops of this Sonic inspired DS game. In it, players control the DaGeDar ball of their choice using the D-pad and B and Y buttons (for jumping and speed boosts respectively) while competitively racing against other DaGeDar spheres.

Characters and Tracks: When players start the game they have the choice of playing as one of ten DaGeDars. As you progress through the game, you can unlock up to 100 DaGeDars, each with a slightly different skill set. Once chosen, players choose a league and a zone (a collection of tracks) and compete to win more races than their adversary.

Racing: After choosing their game mode, character, and track, players enter a race, either against another DaGeDar or against the clock (depending on the mode chosen). Races are very reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog mixed with an insane Marble Run. Players race through loops, shoot through cannons, and collect energy from chargers while avoiding electric barriers and rough patches that slow them down. The races become very intense as gamers try to reach the goal before their opponent.

Lots of Content: The best thing about DaGeDar is the amount of content in the game. Although the tracks may seem a little repetitive, there are more than enough of them to keep young players busy for a long while. This, combined with the 100 DaGeDar balls in the game (90 of which you have to unlock) makes for a game that will provide hours of entertainment and is worth your cash, especially considering the game’s sub-$20 price point.

Multiplayer: One of the coolest features of DaGeDar is that it has a deep multiplayer mode with options for multi-card and single card play (meaning you can play two-player games with one or two cartridges on two DSs). The multiplayer mode is very good. Me and my sister enjoy challenging each other face to face because that kind of gameplay is definitely more fun than going up against the emotionless computer.

The Problem: The main problem with this game is its difficulty level. The only way to win a race against the computer is to memorize the track in an intense speed-run style and not have a single failure. One slip will cost the player the race. Even on the novice setting the game might be too hard for younger players. In this way Black Lantern and Gamemill have limited the audience on a game that otherwise could have appealed to a lot more children.

Overall: Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog style games and Marble Run toys, and especially fans of DaGeDar play sets will most enjoy this game. This is a high-action game that requires skill, focus, repetition, and patience. Players who enjoy collecting favorite DaGeDar spheres in real life will especially enjoy collecting the up to 100 virtual DaGeDar spheres.

Graphics: 7
Sound: 6
Design: 4
Story: N/A
Gameplay: 6
Value: 9
Overall: 6.5

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*OWTK received a copy of DaGeDar for DS for review considerations. The opinions above are honest and unbiased.

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