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2012 GRAMMY Nomination Thoughts and The Top 11 Kid’s CDs of 2011

Yes, I’d submitted a ballot to the Fids & Kamily Awards and yes, I recently shared with you my top 15 for Time Out NY Kids Magazine. So why another list? Because one cannot make too many year-end lists and because I need to, in some small way, offset the damage done by the GRAMMY Award Nominations announced last night.  Okay, damage is too strong a word.  This is a relatively meaningless thing in the big picture but people already piss all over kid’s music, so when the largest, most respected showcase for musical excellence (yes, I’m chuckling a bit right now too) delivers a collection of 5 albums no one in their right mind would actually consider the finest the family genre had to offer in 2011, well that might just set children’s music back a decade.

I try to be diplomatic, I do, but it’s just asinine that neither Zanes, Jenkins, Rymer or Trout Fishing could squeeze onto that list.  A total fucking joke. Not to mention the other acts like Recess Monkey who’s time has surely come to be universally recognized as one of the brightest bulbs in the kid’s music chandelier.

Enough writing.  Just watch & listen, but not with the kids around ’cause I couldn’t help but curse a few times:

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