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The Best Kid’s CDs, Songs, & Album Art of 2011

A couple of things to keep in mind here:

  • 2011 is, for the purpose of these lists, defined as 11/1/10-10/31/11 (with special exception being made for one disc, “Strange Dees, Indeed”, officially released on 11/1).
  • I went out to 52 top songs for 2011 because I had to. In fact, I could’ve went out to 100 but I kept it at one per week of another great year for kid’s music.

OWTK’s Top 10 Kindie Albums of 2011 (in order, as submitted to the Fids & Kamily Music Awards):

  1. “Galactic Champions of Joy” – Todd McHatton
  2. “Original Friend” – Lunch Money
  3. “Love Me For Who I Am” – Brady Rymer
  4. “Flying!” – Recess Monkey
  5. “Little Nut Tree” – Dan Zanes
  6. “Things That Roar” – Papa Crow
  7. “Infinity Sock” – Gustafer Yellowgold
  8. “The Family Garden” – Billy Kelly
  9. “Mind of My Own” – Frances England
  10. “Sing Along!” – Caspar Babypants

and to be honest, if I had a bit more time with it earlier on, I’d have found a way to get The Deedle Deedle Dees “Strange Dees, Indeed” into the top 5.  It’s a great, great album one that gets better the more you listen to it; the hallmark of most brilliant recordings.  Don’t ask me which of these 10 I’d remove, but one of them would certainly have to slide down to #11 to make way for the Brooklyn band’s masterpiece.  Actually, you can ask me because I recorded myself counting up this list of 11 which is in a different order because, well, this is a moving target sorta thing.  Plus, I was winging it in that video.   I was still on a honeymoon with Papa Crow when I submitted my list, then fall hard for Deedle Deedle Dees at the hotel pool.  It happens folks.  I’m a kindie polygamist.  In a genre this ripe with hotties, it’s kinda hard not to play the field a bit.

OWTK’s Favorite 52 Kindie Songs of 2011 (in no particular order):

  • “Bunk Bed” – Recess Monkey
  • “Covered in Band-Aids” – Recess Monkey
  • “Invisible Friend” – Recess Monkey w/ Molly Ledford (Lunch Money)
  • “Don’t Stop It Won’t Pop” – Todd McHatton
  • “These Random Fields” – Todd McHatton
  • “I Think I’m A Bunny” – Todd McHatton
  • “That Old American Flag” – Billy Kelly
  • “The Invention of the Straw” – Billy Kelly
  • “Skating in Old Bryant Park” – The Deedle Deedle Dees
  • “Camperdown Elm” – The Deedle Deedle Dees
  •  “The Peek-A-Boo Waltz” – Papa Crow
  • “If I Cry” – Papa Crow
  • “Wisconsin Poncho” – Gustafer Yellowgold
  • “Question Marks” – Gustafer Yellowgold
  • “Beehive” – Gustafer Yellowgold
  • “Come Over To My Dollhouse” – Lunch Money
  • “You And Me And A Bottle of Bubbles” – Lunch Money w/ Frances England
  •  “The Very Long Shopping List” – Nick Cope
  • “In The Nick Of Time” – In The Nick Of Time
  • “I Don’t Need Sunny Skies” – Dan Zanes w/ Andrew Bird
  • “Summer Trains” – Dan Zanes
  • “Love Me For Who I Am” – Brady Rymer
  • “So Many Ideas” – Brady Rymer
  • “Something You Learn” – Lori Henriques
  • “If I Had A Twin” – Lori Henriques
  • “Green Lead On The Ground” – Lori Henriques
  • “Otto’s Orange Day” – The Boogers
  • “Didn’t Know What I Was Missing” – Alastair Moock
  • “Uh Oh” – The Fuzzy Lemons
  • “Place In Your Heart” – Frances England
  • “Mind Of My Own” – Frances England
  • “Red Balloon” – Frances England
  • “Tumblebee” – Laura Veirs
  • “Soldier’s Joy” – Laura Veirs w/ Colin Meloy
  • “Bonfire” – The Jimmies
  • “Mathematics” – The Not-Its!
  • “Puppy Dog” – The Not-Its! (good song gets great at the 1:30 mark, if you love mid-90’s college rock)
  • “Let’s Dance” – Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band
  • “Light Beams” – Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band
  • “Bad Blue Jay” – Caspar Babypants
  • “Baby Cloud” – Caspar Babypants
  • “Love Makes Life So Sweet” – Sunshine Collective
  • “Night Owl” – Cat and a Bird
  • “Bat Bada Bing” – Cat and a Bird
  • “If You Go” – Joanie Leeds
  • “I’m Little But I’m Loud” – The Hollow Trees
  • “Gonna Take My Hat” – Mister G
  • “Paper Airplane” – The Baby Grands
  • “Flyaway Katie” – Tom Gray (of Gomez)
  • “Whoosh Into the Picture” – Tom Gray (of Gomez)
  • “What’s Mama Doin” – Istvan and his Imaginary Band
  • “Waters of March” – Jamie Broza

OWTK’s Top 10 Kindie Album Art/CD Covers of 2011

Here I am taking into account the cover art/layout/font selection(s) and/or the complete album packaging. Yes, you can judge a book (or in this case a record) by it’s cover, because these 10 discs not only look great, they sound superb as well (in no particular order):
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band “Oh Lucky Day!”

Todd McHatton “Galactic Champions of Joy”

The Not-Its! “Tag, You’re It!”

Recess Monkey “Flying!”

Sunshine Collective “Wanna Play?”

Lunch Money “Original Friend”

Frances England “Mind Of My Own”

Billy Kelly “The Family Garden”

The Muppets: The Green Album

Gustafer Yellowgold “Infinity Sock”

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