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Introducing Sisters 3: Music for Tween & Teen Girls

Do you think your Adele-loving tween or teen is ready to be so over Taylor Swift but not yet prepared for, say, TUnE-yArDs? Meet Sisters 3, a trio of you guessed it (!) sisters from Philadelphia playing a brand of mysterious, sometimes ethereal folk-rock.  The harmonies are, as you might imagine, exquisite and the rather abstract subject matter isn’t too treacherous for younger ears.  Heck, they even bust out a little “Miss Mary Mack” at the end of “Alien Baby”!

Pay close attention to “Wolfpack” (an urgent, stick-by-your-side in the face of bullies tune) and the lovely, nearly 8-minute closer “Pleased To Meet You” (video below) from their 2011 sophomore album “Coruscate at the Meadows Gate”.

You dig?  Cool.  Want more?  How about an extended Sisters 3 XPN Key Studio Session (5 downloadable songs + interviews):

Key Studio Video Session #1 – Sisters 3 from WXPN FM on Vimeo.

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