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The Recipe for the Perfect Person

There’s been waaaaaaay too much talk of bad dudes in the news lately.  It all got me thinking about what goes into making a perfect person.  Here’s something to offset the negative, if only a teensy weensy bit.

Perfection is, in many cases, a surprisingly relative term.  But not here.  I’m not including perfect interests (NASCAR vs. Broadway musicals, for example) because to each her own, ya know.  This is core stuff, the ingredients that really matter in the end and, WAY more importantly, all throughout.

OWTK’s Recipe for a Perfect Person

2 1/2 cups of love
1 cup of kindness
1/2 cup of passion
1/2 cup of wit
1/3 cup of laughter
1/4 cup of wonder
1/4 cup of curiosity
3 1/2 tbsp of trust
1 1/2 tbsp of cynicism
1 tsp of distrust
1/2 tsp of fear
3 smiles (fresh)
Hugs & Kisses as needed

Instructions: Combine everything, stir, let bake for as long as you can. Keep an eye on it forever and keep it as close as possible for as long as possible. But know that at an undefined time you’ll need to let others enjoy it and spend time with it. This will hurt, but it’s okay. Sprinkle in hugs & kisses liberally.

Did I miss anything? What would you add more of, take away…and why?

An edited, updated version of this recipe has been published on The Huffington Post. Read that here.

*Spiffy recipe care image borrowed from here and is available for free to use in your own recipe box.

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