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OWTK To Host Twitter Party, The Internet Rejoices

Have Momentum
I’ve partnered with Big Fuel, Momentum, and a gaggle of stellar Mom & Dad bloggers to host a Twitter Party this coming Friday night. The theme: Rule the House!
We’ll be chatting, er, tweeting about parenting styles, home life, why Dads rule, and exactly why Moms drool. Oh, and we’ll also be giving away some sweet swag.

Wanna join us? Yeah, you do. Here are the details:

Rule The House Twitter Party
Friday, November 11th
9pm EST
Hashtags: #rulethehouse + dads add #Dadsrule, moms add #Momsrule

Check the Rule The House Facebook page for specifics on all the hosts and the prizes (Children’s Place Gift Cards, NBA jerseys, books, toys, crafts, and more).

Wasn’t it your dream 8 years ago to participate in a Twitter party on 11-11-11? Yep, me too. See ya there, you sexy thing.

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